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Zoning Ordinances DOC   PDF
Zoning Map     PDF


Fee Schedules DOC PDF
Camping Permit DOC PDF
Land Division DOC PDF
PC Application Form DOC PDF
Performance Bond Sample Form DOC PDF
Private Road Maintenance Agreement DOC PDF
Sketch Plan DOC PDF
Special Land Uses DOC PDF
SPR Education Packet DOC PDF
ZBA Application Form DOC PDF
Zoning Compliance Worksheet DOC PDF
Zoning Permit Checklist DOC PDF


Free Standing Ordinances
Anti Noise Ordinance     PDF
BT Liquor License Chapter Ordinance     PDF
Enforcement Officer Ordinance     PDF
Hazardous Waste Ordinance     PDF
Junk Violation     PDF
Land Division Ordinances     PDF
Municipal Ordinances Violations Bureau     PDF
Septic Ordinance     PDF
Subdivision Control     PDF

2007 Brooks Township Master Plan

2007 Master Plan DOC PDF

2002 Brooks Township Master Plan

Table of Contents DOC HTML PDF
Introduction DOC HTML PDF
Chapter 1 DOC HTML PDF
Chapter 2 - Community DOC HTML PDF
Chapter 2 - Transportation DOC HTML PDF
Chapter 2 - Community Input DOC HTML PDF
Chapter 3 - Demographics DOC HTML PDF
Chapter 3 - Goals and Objectives DOC HTML PDF
Chapter 4 DOC HTML PDF
Survey Responses DOC HTML PDF
Future Land Use (map)   HTML  
Natural Features (map)   HTML  
Existing Land Use (map)   HTML  
Transportation Network (map)   HTML  
Acknowledgements DOC HTML PDF
Other Documents
Coolbough Natural Areas Openhouse Slide Show     PDF
Home Environmental Checklist     PDF
Turning the Tide on Trash     PDF
Coolbough Natural Areas Map     PDF
Land Use Vision Brochure     PDF
Brooks Township Land Use Vision Booklet     PDF
Natural Newaygo - An Identification Guide to the Natural Features of the Newaygo Area     PDF
Prairie and Forest Management Part 1 - Information for the Newaygo Landowner     PDF
Prairie and Forest Management Part 2 - Information for the Newaygo Landowner     PDF
Prairie and Forest Management Part 3 - Information for the Newaygo Landowner     PDF


Past Township Newsletters
May 2000 Newsletter     PDF
Land Use Vision Update - Spring 2001     PDF
May 2001 Newsletter     PDF
September 2001 Newsletter     PDF
March 2002 Newsletter     PDF
May 2002 Newsletter     PDF
Sept 2002 Newsletter     PDF
December 2002 Newsletter     PDF
March 2003 Newsletter     PDF
May 2003 Newsletter     PDF
September 2003 Newsletter     PDF
December 2003 Newsletter     PDF
March 2004 Newsletter     PDF
May 2004 Newsletter     PDF
Sept 2004 Newsletter     PDF
March 2005 Newsletter     PDF
May 2005 Newsletter     PDF
Dec 2005 Newsletter     PDF
Mar 2006 Newsletter     PDF
May 2006 Newsletter     PDF
Sept 2006 Newsletter     PDF
May 2007 Newsletter     PDF
May 2008 Newsletter     PDF
July 2008 Newsletter     PDF
Sept 2008 Newsletter     PDF
May 2009 Newsletter     PDF
July 2009 Newsletter     PDF


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