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Special Things of the Newaygo Area Coloring Book

Newaygo Watersheds Word Find

Newaygo Prairies Crossword Puzzle

Newaygo Forests Word Jumble


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Natural Newaygo Resource and Activity Guide


The Natural Newaygo Resource and Activity Guide is an environmental education guide developed for Newaygo County 3rd and 4th grade students and teachers. Click here to learn more about it and to download sample activities and resource pages.テつ Links to related resources can also be found on this page.







Brooks Township Land Use Vision Bookletテつ

Written by community residents, leaders, and natural resource experts, this booklet has been the driving force behind the Land Use Vision project.テつ



Home Environmental Checklist

Use this checklist to find out what you can do in and around your home to protect and improve the environment.



Natural Newaygo:テつ An Identification Guide to the Natural Features of the Newaygo Area

Learn about the significant natural features of the Newaygo area with this picture and fact filled guidebook.テつ



Prairies and Forests:テつ Management Information for the Newaygo Landowner

This booklet will help you learn about the valuable prairies and forests around the Newaygo area, and what private landowners can do to manage them on their property.



Turning the Tide on Trash

What steps can you take to help make Newaygo a trash-free community?テつ This fact sheet will help you find out what you can do.