"To serve Township citizens while protecting the environment and our way of life"

Brooks Township's mission statement

The gravel banks of the Muskegon River

The wildflower-filled prairies and barrens.

Forests filled with white pine and white oak.

Inland lakes of varying size and character.

Wide variety of wetland types

Blue-ribbon trout streams which are beautiful all year long.

Welcome to Natural Newaygo

"Brooks Township provides a high quality of life and a beautiful setting for residents and seasonal visitors.Its abundant lakes, streams, wetlands, forests, prairies, and the Muskegon River are all highly valued by residents and other landowners."

"The people of Brooks Township feel strongly that they want to maintain the character of their township and sustain their quality of life even as growth occurs."

Brooks Township Land Use Vision, 1999

The Land Use Vision started in 1998 as a community-based visioning project in which residents identified features of the township they value, threats to those features, and recommendations to protect them. Click here to view the Land Use Vision document, learn what Brooks Township has done to implement the recommendations of the Land Use Vision, and how similar projects may be initiated in other communities.

The Land Use Vision process led to the purchase of the Coolbough Natural Areas, a nature preserve in the north-central part of Brooks Township which is open to the public and will be protected indefinitely. Trail maps, preserve rules, volunteer information and more can be found on the Coolbough Natural Areas section of our website.

The Land Use Vision project also led to the development of an Environmental Resource Library, which houses locally-specific information for the Newaygo area. Click on the Environmental Resource Library link to find out what books are available, how to check them out, and related sources of information you can find online.

One of the key elements of the Land Use Vision project was the development of locally-specific environmental education materials for Newaygo County elementary school teachers. These materials are available online on the Resources and Activities for Teachers and Students pages.

Community involvement and volunteerism has been an essential component in protecting the significant natural areas in Brooks Township. Check out the Volunteer Activities page to find out what has been done and how you can help.

If you'd like additional information, check out the Conservation Links section. You'll find links for many of the organizations that have helped Brooks Township in our quest to protect our significant natural areas. You'll also find links to other organizations with good information on issues of interest to township residents, including water quality, prairie restoration, open space protection and more. If you have a specific question, feel free to get in touch with Brooks Township using the Contact Us page.

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