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A partnership between Brooks Township and the Newaygo Carnegie Library

Funding for this project was provided by grants from the Fremont Area Community Foundation and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources Community Forestry Program, as well as additional support from Brooks Township.

Visit the Newaygo Carnegie Library to check out or view the books and materials listed below. If you are looking for a specific book that is not listed here, try searching the Lakeland Library Cooperative database online at


Through a partnership between libraries throughout West Michigan, you have access to most items listed in this database.  You can even check them out online with a valid library card.  Most books and materials can be delivered free of charge to the Newaygo Carnegie Library (or any other library in the cooperative).

The Environmental Resource Library has books on the following topics.



Water Quality


Michigan Plants: ID Guides


Visiting Natural Areas

Environmental Writings

Resources for Educators

Additional Reference and Conservation Corner Archives

Online Sources of Information


Identification Guides


Diseases and Pests


Identification Guides


Water Quality

Surface Water



Aquatic Plants


Identification Guides


Michigan Plants:‚  ID Guides


Consumer Choices



Visiting Natural Areas

Environmental Writings

Environmental Resources for Educators

Additional Reference and Conservation Corner Archives

* Note - These Resources are not available to be checked out.  Patrons can view them and make appropriate copies at the Newaygo Carnegie Library during regular library hours.

Conservation Corner Archives

Conservation Corner was a series of conservation related articles that appeared in the Newaygo County Today between from 2000-2001.  These articles dealt with everything from water quality to yard and garden care. Click here to view the archive of Conservation Corner articles.

Online sources of information

Wildlife and Habitats


Click on "Wildlife and Habitat" and follow the links to "Creating Habitat" to view an online version of the popular guide - Managing Michigan's Wildlife - A Landowner's Guide. Included are sections on forest management, grasslands management, wetlands management, management tips for specific species and more.  On this site are also links for more information on Michigan's plant species (including wildflower pictures) and wildlife.


This site includes a number of good online forestry related publications put together by Michigan State University Extension.  Included are topics on trees identification, tree care, forest management, wildlife management and more.  These publications can be viewed and printed from this website.


The Michigan Natural Features Inventory (MNFI) maintains up-to-date repository of information about Michigan's endangered, threatened, or special concern plant and animal species, natural communities, and other natural features.MNFI's website includes factsheets about many of Michigan's significant plants, animals and natural communities. They also maintain county lists of species, maps and a wealth of other information.



This site is a series of articles, with pictures, about Newaygo County prairies by the Big Prairie Prepress.


This site includes technical information on the Newaygo Outwash Plain, which is the landscape type where the Newaygo prairies occur.


This is a prairie resource and "webliography" page created by The Silos and Smokestacks National Heritage Area, which includes numerous links to online prairie resources.  The resources are not specific to Newaygo area prairies, but a lot of good information is included here regardless.


This site contains background information (with photos) on the origins of prairies in Michigan and the Midwest.


This website is a list of websites dedicated to Midwest prairies.  Included are sites dedicated to prairie restoration, plant identification, prairie preserves in the Midwest and more.

Plants Database


Want to know what a particular plant looks like?  Need additional information about plant species in your backyard?  Check out this searchable database from the US Department of Agriculture.  Type in almost any plant name and get pictures, information and links to other sites with more information about you particular plant of choice.

Water Quality Publications


This website contains water quality information for Michigan residents.  A number of water quality publications are available to view and print from the publications page, and additional links to water quality sites can be found on this page as well.


This is a website of the University of Wisconsin Extension that includes a number of publications that you can view online and print.‚  These publications are dedicated to water quality, and included are a number of publications written for the homeowner. One of these publications is a shoreline stewardship series especially for shoreline property owners.

Environmental Education Websites


This is the website for the Environmental Protection Agency's Environmental Education Center.  This site contains lesson plans and activities on a variety of environmental topics for a variety of grade levels.  Plus, it contains links to other organizations with additional materials.  An example of the curricula resources available on this website includes the wetlands orientated curricula - A World in our Backyard.


This site contains numerous information and lesson plans on a variety of environmental topics for a variety of grade levels.  Included are also links to other organizations with lesson plans and activities for students on a variety of subjects.


Michigan's Department of Environmental Quality website includes a section for environmental educators.  From the main page of the DEQ website, click on "Information and News" and then click on "Educational Information" to reach their environmental education page.


Use this link to go directly to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources environmental education website for Michigan specific education and activities..


This is a site dedicated to environmental education in Michigan, with resources for educators and a calendar of environmental education events in Michigan.



Need maps?  Check out this website to view and print topographic maps.

Don't forget to look under conservation links for more organizations and links for additional information.  If you have a link that you would like to suggest, feel free to contact us and let us know about it.

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