Special Thanks to...


Members of the Township Planning Commission

        Ronald Koenigsknecht, Chair

        Mark Pitzer, Vice-Chair

        Deb Bisel, Secretary

        Fred Hawkey

        Wilson Sherman

        Fred Norton

        Kim Hoyle

        Robert Wood

        Rob Aitchison



Members of the Township Board

        Dale Black, Supervisor

        Lora Jones, Clerk

        Christina Haynor, Treasurer

        Robert Wood , Trustee

         Robert Henning, Trustee



Participating Individuals in the Master Plan Workshop Sessions including

        Kara McCrimmon, Brooks Township Land Use Vision Project Coordinator

        Sherry Wigent, Zoning Administrator

        John Legge, The Nature Conservancy

        Janice Tompkins, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

        April Sholtz, Land Conservancy of West Michigan

         Gale Nobes, Timberland R.C. & D.




All Brooks Township Residents who participated in the development of this Plan.